After working as a physical therapist assistant for over a decade, I found myself drawn to the more manual or hands-on aspect of bodywork.  I continued following in this passion and massage therapy truly opened up a new world for me.  I have been able to use my knowledge of the human body to explore and delve in to a new way of helping people heal.  Ultimately, my goal is to use massage therapy to increase the quality of the lives of my clients.  With that being said, every body is a unique creation that has traveled a different journey with different challenges.  How massage therapy can benefit each individual is based on many different factors.

I enjoy meeting with new clients, hearing what they want to gain from massage therapy and bodywork and then using my expertise to help my clients reach their goals.  The goals can be increased mobility to meet fitness goals, help repair old injuries that remain evident in the body or just simply to relax.  There is a way that I can help everyone that chooses me as their massage therapist.


Nick Semrick, LMT